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Some oMo Participations & Productions:

🔳 Somebody Next Door Short documentary about the wide impact of hunger & food insecurity, especially on elderly & children, & how unwavering efforts to find solutions continue, despite the enormity of the crisis affecting not only the impoverished, but encroaching on working middle class America.

🔳 Drunktown's Finest Sundance Selection feature drama about three young Native Americans-an adopted Christian girl, a rebellious father-to-be, and a promiscuous transsexual, strive to escape the hardships of life on an Indian reservation.

Drunktown's Finest

Shot against a mesmerizing New Mexico landscape, Drunktown's Finest portrays such a strong underlying tradition of acceptance and family that we start to wonder whether the outside world these characters crave is truly the answer.

Somebody Next Door

Snapshot of New Mexico food insecurity where Child and Senior Hunger continue to be worst in U.S. The daunting issues prompt collective efforts in midst of extremely limited resources. But the spirits of those involved and committed to seek solutions remain unwavering with a never give up attitude...-click the video to edit it and enter a short description of the video here.

Social Issues Misfits Gallery & Studio

"oMo Gallerio"

oMo Gallerio is dedicated space for open dialogue, featuring developing, open source or published material & content.  If you, through the lens of outcasts, have a story, drawing, poem,  short film, etc. related to cultural, social, or environmental intolerances, let us show it here!  We will learn how best to organize this segment over time based on input from you . 

Contact: [email protected]